Resolve the you do not have access permissions error

When we talk about database applications then MS Access must come in the discussion. It is the lightest weight but powerful database application developed by Microsoft Corporation. Users those need to store data in an organized form use MS Access as the database. When you store information through MS Access, .mdb file is created. Sometimes, this .mdb file gets damaged or corrupted due to any known or unknown reason. Once the .mdb file is damaged and you try to access the file, following error message flashes on your computer screen:

“You do not have the necessary permissions to use the object. Have your system administrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you”

When you receive the error message, MS Access does not open due to which you loss all of the data stored in the .mdb file. Whether the amount of the data stored in the .mdb file is less or more, you cannot even think to loss the data. But, the file is damaged so what can be done now.


Try one of the following solutions to resolve the “you do not have access permissions” error message:

Check if there is a compatibility issue or not. If there is any compatibility issue then upgrade MS Access and the problem will be resolved.

If you are trying to access a wrong file, then make it sure that you only access the .mdb file. Accessing any other file results in the specified error message.

In case, none of the above solutions work then try third party Access recovery software. The Access file recovery software thoroughly scans the damaged .mdb file, repairs the file, and recovers all data from it. Third party Access recovery software maintains the data integrity while recovering the lost data. Kernel for MS Access recovery is an efficient .mdb repair and recovery software, which recovers all types of the data in their original format.