Rectify Error Message- Reserved error (-1524); in MS Access

Making queries in MS Access lets you fetch the desired information available in the database. However, in some cases, MS Access might display some error message in place of the information to try to find out. One of the most common reasons for occurrence of these error messages is corruption of MDB database. In order to resolve these error messages and run the queries successfully, you can update the data from a recent valid backup copy. However, in case there is no available backup of the database, you need to repair the database corrupted after display of this error message

Reserved error (-1524); there is no message for this error.

Each time you run a query, the same error message appears on screen. The main cause behind the continuous occurrence of this error message is corruption or damage caused to MS Access database. Repair the corrupt database by using the easy repair utility Compact and Repair tool. To use this tool, follow the steps given below:

  1. On Access Toolbar, click the Tools option
  2. Go to List > Database Utilities and select Compact and Repair Database
  3. Choose the database that you wanted to repair in the Database to Compact form
  4. Select the Compact option to initiate repair process
  5. Select a desired location to save the repaired database file
  6. Click Save

Although, with the above mentioned procedure you still have possibilities of occurrence of error message. Therefore, the best way to repair your database is by using advanced Access recovery software. Such Access file recovery tools are easy to use and highly interactive that comes integrated with detailed User’s Help Guides.