How to create Memo field in MS Access 2007?

Memo fields in Office Access 2007 stores up to 1 GB of characters, or 2 GB of storage (2 bytes per character), of which you can display 65,535 characters in a control on a form or report. Also, you can apply RTF formatting to the data in a Memo field. For instance, you can set colors, change fonts, and make data bold or italic.

Microsoft Office Access 2007 provides two distinguished ways to add a Memo field to a new or existing table. Have a look at the following options.

  • Datasheet View – You can add a Memo field to a new or existing table in Datasheet view by adding a new field and then either pasting more than 256 characters of text into a blank row in the field or selecting the Memo data type from a drop-down list.

  • Design View – You use Design view when you want to add a Memo field, enable rich-text editing for the field, and set properties that you can’t set in Design view, such as a default value.

You can use either of the above techniques when you are about to create new tables or want to modify the existing tables.

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