Top 10 advantages of MS Access

Microsoft Office Access 2007 provides quick tracking and reporting of information, which is laced with attractive and interactive user interface. Though there are various advantages to MS Access 2007 database, here let’s find out the top 10s.

  1. Better, faster results with the Office Fluent user interface
  2. Get started quickly using pre-built solutions
  3. Create multiple reports with different views of the same information
  4. Create tables quickly without worrying about database complexity
  5. Enjoy new field types for even richer scenarios
  6. Collect and update your information directly from the source
  7. Share your information with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.
  8. Track Windows SharePoint Services lists with the rich client capabilities of Office Access 2007
  9. Move data to Windows SharePoint Services for better manageability
  10. Useful in accessing information from multiple sources

There are lots of advantages of using MS Access 2007. Sometimes our happiness is interrupted with corruption in Access database file. Kernel for Access Recovery software brings back our happiness by recovering all lost, corrupt, damaged MS Access database file .MDB data within minutes.

How to confirm that MDB file is corrupted

MDB file of Microsoft Access database when gets damaged, MS Access cannot access the file and displays some confusing and hard-to-understand error messages. If you cannot understand the error message then how can you know that the MDB has been damaged and you need to repair the damaged file to get the data back. In this article, we list some of the common error messages in simple forms so that you can easily recognize the file corruption when receive anyone of those messages. The messages are as follows:

  • Error 3343: “Unrecognized Database Format” that is MS Access is unable to recognize the database file.

  • Error 2239: “The database ‘abc.mdb’ is not a database file” that is database file has already been damaged due to which MS Access cannot identify the file as .MDB file.

  • Error 3011: The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the “abc” object. Make sure the object exist and that you spell its name and the path correctly.

  • Error 3049: Cannot open database “xyz.mdb.” It may not be a database that your application recognizes or the file may be corrupt.

  • Error 3259: Invalid file data type.

  • Error 35012: Unexpected error.

All of the above error messages indicate only one thing that is the MDB file has been damaged. But, now the question is how to deal with the specified error messages. How to get data back from the damaged MDB file.

Kernel for Access Recovery can help you recover the data from the damaged MDB file. The software has been designed to perform quick access file recovery. Kernel for Access Recovery frequently scans the damaged MDB file and repairs it to perform access file recovery. The software recovers all of the data from the damaged MDB file in the same format as it was before damage.

Unexpected Project Corruption in Access Database

Sometimes when you open an Access database, Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) projects does not load and show the following error:

Unexpected project corruption in Access database

The reason behind occurrence of this issue can be the exceeding size of the project stream. When load process to load Visual basic application for project is executed, VBA reads the “Project” stream to check available modules. The entire process of reading complete stream into memory is performed in one operation and if it finds the project stream exceeding the particular size the load process stops. The above mentioned error occurs after the load process stops.


To resolve this issue, you will need to obtain the latest service pack of Microsoft Office 2000. This service pack provides the latest updates to Office 2000. It contains security enhancements and improvements and includes fixes that help you to resolve this issue.

If in any situation you Access database file get corrupt or damaged, you can deal with the situation using Access Recovery software. Kernel for Access Recovery, efficient Access file recovery software helps you to repair and recover all available data from the corrupt MDB files.